RAID - The Raid you don't want to Miss!

As the name suggests, the film is about the raid the hero operates to bring out the illegal assets the villain political leader possess.  Raj Kumar Gupta, the Director has made an amazing film by moulding in to a commercial film, Raid was written by Ritesh Shah who had the toughest job because the amount of research work needed for a story with real events takes time and he had done a mind blowing job by keeping the entertainment factor alive during the entire film. The movie gets it strong base from the punching dialogues and the screenplay. From the first scene onwards, Gupta wanted to establish the characters Ajay Devgn and Saurabh Shukla as honest and crooked respectively. The storyline is as intriguing as we will forget to check the time.

It is impossible to imagine someone else other than Ajay Devgn for the role of Amay as it is tailor made for him. A typical Ajay Devgn role and yet again he delivers the performance everyone was looking for. After his success in Jolly LLB 2, Saurabh Shukla once again proves that he is capable of doing the roles he is given. His face-off with Ajay Devgn is on par with the Ajay-Prakash Raj from Singham. The charming Ileana D’Cruz played her part well and one notable thing is that, it has not gone overboard. Pushpa Joshi as Saurabh’s Shukla mother has done an outstanding job as her role is the most humorous thing in the entire movie and it’s very hilarious.

With the timeframe of just over 2 hours, Raid brings the required excitement in the allotted time and the director, Gupta was keen to add the humour quotient which makes the audience more entertained. Tanishk Bagchi, the young energetic composer recreated a couple of songs and the background score goes well with the narration and it suits the scenes per the mood.

Hence, Raid comes with an entertaining story and the narration makes it an edge of the seat kind of movie. Plus, the performances from Ajay Devgn & Saurabh Shukla take it to a whole new level with accurate dialogue delivery. 

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