Top 5 Celebrities Who Have Never Won An Oscar

Yes, it is the greatest of ‘em all and of course, the Oscars is a dream come true for anyone who is related one way or another to the film industry. Getting rewarded for the best performances at the grandest stage is always the type of recognition and fame any actor, director and other professionals wish for. Unfortunately, some have to wait for a long time before laying their hands on the prestigious coveted statue. Here we list out some of the popular celebrities from the film industry who were nominated but still didn’t win at the Academy Awards:
1. Christopher Nolan

One of the most popular filmmakers, Nolan is yet to win a Oscar award despite his five nominations. His notable works like ‘Memento’, ‘Inception’ and ‘Dunkirk’ were nominated but never won him anything. This year, he was nominated for the ‘Best Director’ for ‘Dunkirk’ but Guillermo del Toro bagged the award for his wonderful ‘The Shape of Water’, which also won the ‘Best Film’. Legendary directors like Steven Spielberg, James Cameron and Martin Scorsese won their Oscars after twenty years since they started making films, so let’s say Nolan can still wait.

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