Mother's Day Special: Bollywood's 7 Sizzling Mother-Daughter Duos

BANGALORE: The tales of the Bollywood mothers and daughters always evoked interest and curiosity among the film lovers. They are celebrities the common man wants to know about, read about and, as a matter of fact, even watch on the silver screen or television. So, on the occasion of the Mother’s Day 2014, let us have a look at the top 7 mother-daughter duos in Bollywood as listed by Indiatv.

Neetu Kapoor-Riddhima Kapoor: Always a sweetheart on the silver screen, the bubbly Punjabi girl with her innocent looks won the hearts of million during her hey days, including her husband Rishi Kapoor. While Neetu Singh Kapoor was a leading actress of the 1970s, her daughter, Riddhima, is a fashion designer, married to Delhi-based industrialist Bharat Sahni. This mother daughter duo has appeared in a jewellery advertisement together but is otherwise rarely spotted in public.

Belonging to one of the royal families of Bollywood, they certainly are one of a kind. Riddhima has her mother's distinctive features and fine genes from her dad's side of the family. However Bollywood is not her cup of tea.
Neetu Singh Kapoor says, "Riddhima and I are like friends since I was very young when I gave birth to her. I experienced that feeling of emptiness when Riddhima got married. After she left she sent a one-line SMS to everyone ‘look after my mom’,” reports wonder