5 Best Voot Select Web Series To Binge Watch On The Weekends

5 Best Voot Select Web Series To Binge Watch On The Weekends

If you are a big fan of Indian content who is currently living in Australia, then we must suggest you to chillout your weekends with these five best Voot Select web series.

Voot is an Indian VOD and over the top streaming service which has something for everyone form comedies to blockbuster movies! So grab some snacks and settle in for a weekend of binge-watching goodness.

Wait a minute! before selecting a best web series on Voot , you must be aware of the query, how to watch voot in Australia? Like other streaming services Voot is also geo-restricted and can not be accessed in Australia but no need to worry about it as we have solution for your every Voot problem. By subscribing to reliable VPN service, you can easily enjoy your favorite Voot series while residing in Australia.

About Voot

Voot is a subscription-based video-on-demand (SVOD) website that streams various shows, web series, and original content in India. The website that streams online videos often adds new episodes of a variety of programming, including television serials, drama series, reality shows, and the website's unique content.

The audience for Voot web series is constantly expanding, and the series themselves are among the most engaging types of content available on the platform. If you are one of the fans of Voot, here are the 5 best Voot select web series to binge-watch on the weekends.

1. Fuh se Fantasy

The film stars Tanuj Virwani, Satarupa Pyne, and Madhurima Roy, and its plot revolves around analyzing various facets of love, lust, and desire. It is centered on people's secret desires that they would never discuss in any other setting. While taking a hitchhiking trip, the male lead Tahir meets his future best friends, Leela and Kiara, and as a result, they become friends.

The three make the most of their time together while also gaining exposure to a new facet of life that is absent from their typical routines. It is one of the top Voot web series since it depicts all the experiences individuals hope to have in their lives.

2. Time Out

Time Out

The lives of Rahul and Radha, a happily married couple opting to come to terms with the arrival of an unforeseen pregnancy, serve as the backdrop for this narrative. Tahir Raj Bhasin, who plays the character of Rahul, and Sarah Jane Dias, who plays his wife Radha, deal with the same day-to-day challenges that all of us do in life.

Throughout the episodes, it vividly illustrates the early midlife crisis and the torment of trying to live up to society's expectations.

They are the prototypical metropolitan paid couple, juggling a life of lousy jobs, enormous EMIs, and an uncomfortable environment, among other challenges. Rahul has no desire to start a family.

He is sick of hearing other millennials worry about their jobs, marriages, and the myriad of other issues prevalent in today's society. He is searching for a means to halt the events or take a "timeout" from them. Because the show is approachable and engaging, it is worthy of consideration as a top contender for the title of greatest Voot web series watched online.

3. Courtroom - Sachai Hazir ho

3.Courtroom - Sachai Hazir ho

Vikas Kumar is the host of this groundbreaking online series from Best Voot centered on legal issues and criminal activity. It depicts actual events from real life that have been reenacted by several actors, all of whom make an effort, in their way, to reveal the reality of the situations. The episodes are fascinating to watch and shed light on many of the general problematic ideas in our culture.

The courtroom is an excellent crime drama covering various topics and events. It brings everything to one channel, from high-profile frauds and murder mysteries to #metoo protests and other social justice movements. Watching the episodes will provide you with some nail-biting sensations.

4. It’s Not That Simple

Its Not That Simple

Women in today's society do not keep quiet and instead continue to push the boundaries of acceptable behavior. Girls have been forced into imprisonment, subjected to abuses of a wide variety, and are consistently required to make sacrifices for the group.

The life of Mira, a character in the Voot web series, is the show's focus. Mira is on a quest for self-discovery, and she breaks free from the constraints of patriarchy along the way.

The plot of the voot web series is quite straightforward, but there are enough unexpected turns to simultaneously show how complicated life can become when dealing with both the present and the past. Swara Bhaskar plays the central part of a woman bogged down by the routine of a typical married life in this television series.

5. Untag


Today, everyone seems to be obsessed with social media. People are constantly making themselves the most impressive through their Instagram stories, Facebook posts, or Snapchat snaps. In this society, individuals are branded on the back with tags that describe quality or traits.

These labels become poisonous, and the series demonstrates how six different people have been given derogatory labels.

It is one of the top Voot web shows that inspires viewers to embrace themselves and is a great motivator. Untag demonstrates the resilience of these six individuals as they battle adversity and reject life's challenges.

They have to contend with everything, including being called names like queer, maneater, cunning, bitch, fat, and other derogatory terms and being objectified in various ways. This weekend, watch it if you want some inspiration and hope in your life.


Whether you’re looking for a new show to watch or just trying to find something different to keep you entertained, we hope our list of the best Voot Select web series will have something for everyone. What are your favorite Voot Select web series?