Redemption novel achieves bestselling status months after release

Redemption novel achieves bestselling status months after release

A paranormal romance novel intertwining love, tragedy, addiction and self-forgiveness has been making its mark around the world, most notably in America where it has become one of the country’s bestselling books.

Written by novelist and social activist Pranay Patil of Bangalore, India, “Burgundy Winters in Europe” was released by England’s Crystal Peake Publisher in March 2022 and 2,424 copies were sold in the first three months.

In addition to the United States, the first quarter sales reflect purchases also made in Romania and France. The book has recently been released in India following a premiere event at Higginbothams in Bangalore, the oldest bookstore in the country.

Patil, who has an engineering background, said the novel is based on a true story drawn from his time studying abroad in Germany during his collegiate years. The story chronicles Jace Tanner, an American rocker who was battling a drug addiction. Following the death of his best friend from a cocaine overdose, Jace’s hardships intensify, now overcome with feelings of guilt and self-loathing of his own actions. After a stay in rehab, Jace finds new love that develops into a paranormal romance.

“I was inspired to start writing during the pandemic when I saw that terrible things were happening around me, and I knew my story could help others,” he said.

The purpose of the book has been threefold for Patil. It was a therapeutic way for him to work through the feelings of guilt he felt from those experiences in Germany as well as an outreach effort to help others struggling with addiction. Patil also donates the profits of the books to aid disadvantaged children in his area.

Print formats of “Burgundy Winters in Europe” are sold at Walmarts throughout the United States, some online marketplaces and smaller bookstores across the country. An audiobook version is available through Google Books, Barnes & Noble and other bookstores. In India, readers can find the book at Higginbothams located on MG Road in Bangalore and the store’s second location at Anna Salai in Chennai.

“I am so grateful the book has been so well-received and has garnered so much attention in the few short months it has been out. I can’t wait to see what the next three months bring,” Patil said. “Knowing that my story is helping so many others is something that brings me such great joy.”

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