Zoho Launches BackToWork

Zoho Launches BackToWork

Zoho Corporation, a global technology company offering the most extensive suite of business software applications in the industry, today launched BackToWork, a comprehensive modular solution enabling businesses and organizations to safely transition back into the workplace. Free for the remainder of 2020, BackToWork, powered by Zoho Creator, is the latest programme, built in India, to be introduced as part of the company's ongoing relief efforts to support businesses impacted by the pandemic around the world.

"Back in March, we had altered our business priorities to focus on ways to best serve our community, country, and the rest of the world. Our initiatives like Swadeshi Sankalp have helped not just businesses, but also government, NGOs, and schools to adapt and survive," said Hyther Nizam, VP Product Management, Zoho Corp. "As the lockdown is being eased, and organizations are planning to re-open in some parts of the country, we want to help them resurge, this time through BackToWork, an application enabling companies to maintain end-to-end workplace safety."

Scalable to organizations of all sizes, BackToWork supports Chief Operations Officers, Chief Human Resources Officers, Facility Heads and their teams in making critical decisions around returning to the workplace without compromising on the safety and compliance aspects. The robust application consists of six modules designed to address every concern involved in the process of re-entering the workplace, all within one secure, easy-to-navigate solution:

  • Safe Entry: Businesses can define multiple buildings and locations in the app, and control access based on an employee's wellness and travel history. This is achieved via a contactless end-to-end check-in system using QR codes.
  • Employee Wellness Assessment: Workplace wellness can be tracked by defining self-assessment, safe entry, and travel policies. Employees can securely and privately submit a wellness questionnaire reporting travel history, recent medical history, and other pertinent possible exposure history.
  • Maintenance and Assets: Businesses can define and manage assets and building maintenance requests for employees. Repair/replacement requests can be handled in the app.
  • Admin Control Panel: BackToWork gives a 360-degree view of workplace data in pre-configured dashboards. Businesses can add and manage employees, and configure roles for tasks such as approvals, emergency contacts, etc.
  • Volunteer: Volunteer programmescan be added and managed.
  • Communication: Announcements, FAQs, best practices, policies, safety documents etc. can be shared with employees and managed in the Communication module.

BackToWork is auser-friendly application that also allows for advanced customization for companies that have specific requirements. The application can be easily integrated with top HR platforms like Zoho People and BambooHR, and also with Active Directory and Zoho Directory. It is accessible via progressive web, iOS and Android apps. Zoho has several enhancements in the pipeline including a Travel Management module and integrations with popular video conferencing platforms.

BackToWork also ensures a level of confidentiality that no other vendors in this space can guarantee. Zoho does not allow any third-party trackers to monitor usage behaviour and never sells any data to ad-based companies. Because Zoho owns and has built its entire technology stack, the company is able to offer the most secure experience to its 50 million users without any compromise on data privacy. ZohoBackToWork users have the assurance that their data is confidential and protected, and only users themselves maintain ownership of that data, which is stored in Indian data centres for the users in the country.

Source: Press Release