WittyFeed's parent company Vatsana Technologies diversifies its content with six new brands

VatsanaVatsana Technologies which owns WittyFeed, one of the largest non-news new age media platforms is all set to expand its operations through its six new properties in order to cater the needs of the viewers in a better way.

With each new property focusing on a unique dimension Vatsana lays down its focus on demand specific viewership. All brands are operational and now accessible to users and audiences. The new domains areWittyFeed.tv, Foodmate.me, ThePopple.com, InnerVoice.ai, Geeksmate.io and Duniadigest.com which respectively cover information and humour; food; positivity, popularity, and people for the American audience; relationships and inspirations; technology; information and humour in Hindi.

After WittyFeed's success, Vastana Technologies comes with more niche platforms to lure large audiences of different continents. Each new property caters to a peculiar and independent domain. These new properties are planned as a stand apart platform in its division and the company has dedicated. a singular team to each of these domains.

Talking about the expansion Vinay Singhal, Co-Founder and CEO, Vatsana Technologies said, “Vatsana technologies through WittyFeed has always tried to generate user-friendly content which is more relatable to our audiences. With these new properties, we are trying to establish a connection with new readers and strengthen the existing one”.

Vatsana is also focusing on diversifying its content distribution platforms. In addition to Facebook, Vatsana with the help of WittyFeed has also seen success with a wider audience through Twitter, Outbrain, and Taboola. It is also using Reddit, Snapchat, and Pinterest as sources of distribution, especially focusing on the target audience(s) and the content they are consuming.

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