Who Will Get The Crown Jewel? 6 Potential Buyers For Blackberry


Chinese giant, Lenovo Group once revealed to a French newspaper their small-time interest to buy Blackberry. Yet to get a clearer image on these speculations, the Lenovo CEO said that he may consider about the acquisition some point in the future.

“Could possibly make sense, but first I need to analyse the market and understand what exactly the importance of this company is,” said the Lenovo CEO.


For the last couple of months, Facebook has been in a lookout to create a perfect device for social networking and business, and what more than can you ask for a joint ventureship with BlackBerry. Who knows, maybe (once this deal finalizes) we might get to see a fully functional, secure and social network driven Facebook phone - complete with a convenient QWERTY keypad- How about a ‘FaceBerry’?

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