Vijaya Gadde Named Twitter's New General Counsel

Bangalore: India-born Vijaya Gadde has been appointed as the new general counsel for social networking giant, Twitter. Replacing Alexander Macgillivray, Twitter’s former General Counsel and defending hero of the Digital First Amendment on Free Speech policy, Gadde worked as Twitter’s legal manager for corporate and international issues.

The news on the decision was first tweeted by Macgillivray himself on the 140-character micro-blogging site through his Twitter handler. Stepping down from a 4 year old position, Macgillivray stated on his website that he will continue to support the San Francisco-based company as an adviser and meanwhile spend some quality time with his family without added distractions.

“I’ll continue to support the company and its great people by staying on as an advisor for the legal, trust & safety, corporate development and public policy teams,” said Macgillivray. “I continue to care deeply about Twitter, the folks who work at Twitter and our tremendous users, so I’ll remain close to all three.”

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