The Best of the Best: Top 10 Cloud Storage Providers

Bangalore: Forget about your system’s low storage, cloud is the new hard drive of the decade and the internet has gone “clouder” than ever! It’s cheap, doesn’t require any installation, physical presence or even power and has backup and recovery systems, no wonder why you can store and share your personal data easier than ever.

Without second thoughts, Cloud computing is the hottest-trending technology in the IT industry. With big game players like Amazon, Google, IBM, AT&T and Microsoft standing undisputed at the top, smaller and keen startups are also raring to go to give the giants a hard-time. These circumstances have initiated a race among cloud-providers willing to claim the larger portion of the pie in cloud service market. Walking on the same line, some cloud storage providers have also started renting their cloud services for free.

Recently Gartner released a list of top 10 cloud storage providers, mainly based on enterprise capabilities such as pros, cons, strengths and weakness. So with that, let’s take a look at Gartner’s top 10 cloud storage providers from the enterprise arena, as compiled by


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