Nasscom hosts summit on big data, analytics in Bengaluru

 NasscommIndian IT industry's apex body Nasscom on Wednesday unveiled the 6th edition of its Big Data and Analytics here to highlight their disruptive role in the development of AI (Artificial Intelligence) worldwide.

"The two-day event hosted leaders conferring to the paradigm shift from being an industry-wide disruptor to business-as-usual witnessed by India Inc," said the National Association of Indian Software and Services (Nasscom).

With "Democratising AI" as the theme, the summit had experts brainstorm on the integration of newer technologies like AI, Machine Learning and Design Thinking into business models.

"Data science and AI technologies allow harnessing complex, high volume, high-speed data into insights for decision making, emerging as one of biggest growth opportunities for India to capitalize on," said Nasscom Vice Chairman Keshav Murugesh at the summit.

As new digital economies straddle across industries, there is demand for AI-based servers and computing capabilities. The capacity of workers to master these new skills and availability of talent will be a key driver of competitiveness in the Big Data and Analytics industry.

The participants also focused on embedding AI into business processes (back office), supply chain application, data protection in the age of AI and man-machine interface.

The industry body identified six areas of specialization, spanning business analysts, solution architects, data architects, analysts, and scientists, in the Big Data Analytics domain which are expected to be key to sectors growth.

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Source: IANS