Microsoft Confirms Windows Blue Release Later This Year

Bangalore: Microsoft officially has announced an upgrade to its flagship Windows 8 operating system, Windows Blue, the code name given to the updated version is all set to be rolled out by end of this year. Details on the update will be released in few weeks, reports Times Of India.

The company has sold about 100 million Windows 8 licenses till date. Yet it witnessed lesser sales when compared to its earlier version Windows 7, which recorded over 240 million sales in its first year. However, the latter replaced the less popular Windows Vista.
Windows 8 on the other hand, is said to be confusing to customers, due its different look and the ignorance of traditional 'start' button, and this has made the company feel the need for an update.

According to Tami Reller, co-head of Microsoft's Windows unit "The learning curve is real, and we need to address it, We're not sitting back and saying, they will get used to it."
However, Reller did not mention if the update will restore the start button but said, the company would pay attention to help the customers to get adapted to the latest version.

The sale of touch-laptops that supports Windows 8 has also slowed down. As per industry tracker IDC, PC sales faced a record downfall of 14 percent this year. Yet Reller expects firms like Lenovo, ASUS and Hewlett-Packard to change the scenario, which in turn would help a rise in sales for Microsoft.

"We know customers like touch laptops, but they are also price sensitive, Our partners (hardware makers) have to bet on volume, so that they get price breaks, and get that moving into the (retail) channel," said Reller

Windows 8 operating system was primarily designed for touch commands but failed to capture consumer’s attention. Meanwhile, the much anticipated ‘Blue’ update could change the number figures for Microsoft in future.  

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