Meet The Executives Involved In Microsoft's Massive Reboot

Bangalore: Microsoft, once the largest PC maker, has announced its biggest organization reshuffle since 2008. The world’s largest software company is aiming to achieve the goal of becoming a “devices and services” company, according CEO Steve Ballmer.

The reorganization has bought an end to the much hyped product based divisions such as “Windows and Windows Live” and “Microsoft Business Division.” Ballmer has clearly citied his next big motto for Microsoft as “One strategy, one Microsoft.”

As a result Microsoft has reorganized themselves by function. From now onwards, Microsoft will be having four major engineering teams- operating system, apps, cloud and devices. This will be followed by a number of company-spread divisions for Marketing, Business Development and Evangelism, Advanced Strategy and Research, Finance, Legal, HR, and Operations.

With that said, let’s wait no time and take a look at some of the key executives and their new roles at Microsoft.

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