Lucideus Starts Its International Trainings With Its First Boot Camp Scheduled From The First Week Of September

BANGALORE: Lucideus , a company involved in capacity building and training for cyber security, is all set to launch its first set of international trainings starting from its Delhi Lab. Participants will fly down from Nigeria and Middle East for the training program of 5 days.

Lucideus International training modules are divided in three different formats namely Boot camp, FMT and Virtual Training. The Boot camp training session where the participants will be coming down to India from their respective countries and taking 40 hours LCCSA training or LCEH training of 80 hours respectively.

Secondly Lucidues’s Fly My Trainer programs format is the one where we will be sending trainers to conduct training at client end. Lastly Lucidues also has the technology to conduct online training sessions with companies through virtual interaction.

Lucideus has partnered with Clarks Inn – a 5 Star premium chain of hotels in New Delhi and participants traveling from abroad will be putting up in the hotel. The training fees of $1400 dollars include the accommodation as well.

With an experience of training over 60,000 individuals purely on information security, Lucideus is all set to take the market in un-conventional practical oriented workshop based trainings directly in competition with its competitor EC Council and its course CEH in the market.

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