Linux 3.7 Now Supports New ARM Processor

Bangalore: Linux has announced that their newly launched Linux kernel supports the latest version of the increasingly popular ARM processor architecture, along with other groundbreaking features.

According to the website, Kernel Newbies, Linux 3.7 is compatible with the latest ARM processor, which means the kernel can support multiple ARM platforms within the system.

"A typical Linux distro for x86 PC computers can boot and work in hundreds of different PC (different CPU vendor, different GPU models, different motherboards and chipsets, etc) using a single distro install media. This ability to be able to boot in different hardware configurations is taken as a given in the PC world. However, it didn't exist in the Linux ARM world," the site notes.

Linux founder, Linus Torvalds announced that the latest kernel comes with 64-bit ARM support, rather than simple extensions to the 32-bit architecture. The version 3.7 has also come up with a number of fixes and improved performance such as advanced Btrfs file systems that helps to speed up certain applications like Firefox.

"Anyway, it's been a somewhat drawn out release despite the 3.7 merge window having otherwise appeared pretty straightforward, and none of the rc's were all that big either. But we're done, and this means that the merge window will close on Christmas eve. Or rather, I'll probably close it a couple of days early. For obvious reasons, it's the main commercial holiday of the year, after all," he wrote.