Indian Companies Opting For Open-Source Over IBM, SAP Software

Bangalore: The steep and sheer rupee fall has been pushing software giants into deep economic trouble as there is an increasing number of Indian enterprises who are moving onto budget-friendly Open-source platforms rather than sticking with licensed software offered by companies like IBM, SAP and Oracle.

Indian government has started to embrace open source, especially in its booming Aadhaar project. Other Indian companies to have opted for this open-technology are Hungama Digital Entertainment, Uttam Energy, Bilcare, payment processor Euronet, insurer Star Union Dai-chi and IT outsourcer iGate.

CN Raghupathi, the head of Infosys' India business, told ET that there is a trend-shift towards open source from Indian companies as lower cost has been playing a major factor along with innovation.
Amit Vora, CTO of Hungama Digital believes that even though open source is 70 percent cheaper than licensed software, there is also an equal need for a large developer pool to make it a success. "The open source ecosystem and the ability to boost inter-operability is big selling factor. Plus, you don't have to be at the mercy of the vendors to provide customized features and innovation," said Vora.

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