EMC Announces Major Data Lake Advancements

News Highlights:

New generation of Isilon scale-out NAS to support a Data Lake 2.0 Strategy that expands core Data Lake capabilities to enterprise edge and the cloud

New software-defined storage product, IsilonSD Edge, to offer cost-efficient and consistent data management for remote office infrastructures

New next-generation EMC Isilon OneFS Operating System to optimize unstructured data storage at the core of the Data Lake

New EMC Isilon CloudPools extend unstructured data storage to public clouds delivering cloud-scale capacity, economics and flexibility

EMC Corporation announced the next generation of its EMC® Isilon® Scale-out NAS Data Lake, which includes new products, features and capabilities that allow enterprises to scale easily to edge locations as well as to public clouds. The new products, — IsilonSD Edge, the next generation of Isilon OneFS® and Isilon CloudPoolsTM — enhance the Data Lake by allowing unstructured data to be available not only within the core data center, but also at data center edge locations such as remote offices and archived in the cloud. Designed to offer a more efficient Data Lake, the new Isilon solutions consolidate multiple workloads and allow users to access and analyze data from all locations.

Three major trends are transforming the enterprise. First, enterprises are becoming more global with a distributed workforce. Second, the volume of unstructured data is growing rapidly and doubling every two years, increasing the need for managing data efficiently while also garnering value from it. Lastly, hybrid cloud has become the preeminent choice for customers to most efficiently and effectively run their data centers.

EMC’s Data Lake 2.0 strategy and new announcements today are at the heart of managing these challenges. Early Data Lake deployments were limited to pulling in only data sources available within — or in close proximity to — the core data center. Now there is an increasing need for the Data Lake 2.0 to expand and be able to manage unstructured data in a simple and consistent way within the core data center, at edge locations and in the cloud.

Delivering Efficient Software-Defined Edge Storage

EMC IsilonSD Edge is a new software-defined solution designed to simplify data management in remote offices, or edge locations, in a cost-efficient way. Edge locations have historically had challenges with cost, low capacity, management complexity, conflicting formats and spotty governance. This has impacted the productivity of information workers in these locations, as well as IT’s ability to view and manage data. IsilonSD Edge is a 100% software-defined offering that runs on commodity hardware. IsilonSD Edge will support VMware ESX and be fully integrated with VMware vCenter for ease of management. IsilonSD Edge sacrifices none of the capabilities of the OneFS operating system and will support OneFS’s data services and protocols while scaling up to 36TB, seamlessly replicating data to and distributing it from the core. IsilonSD Edge will be free for non-production use and licensed per cluster for production use.

Optimizing the Core with the Next Generation of OneFS

In addition to extending the Data Lake to edge locations, EMC is also enhancing the Data Lake at the core through the new, next-generation Isilon OneFS operating system. This feature-rich offering is designed to improve resiliency, simplify management, raise efficiency and provide continuous operations for massive Data Lakes. A key enhancement is full Non-Disruptive Upgrade (NDU) support. OneFS has supported NDU for minor code families, and now works across major code families enhancing the resiliency of the Data Lake. The more resilient Data Lake will help ensure no downtime for users and application workloads during major upgrades.

The next generation of OneFS also features flexible software upgrade rollback capabilities that will allow customers to restore their application or end-user environments to a pre-upgrade state as required. These capabilities offer infrastructure managers granular choices to ensure a smooth user experience and continued uptime for critical environments.

Extending to the Cloud with CloudPools

In addition to solutions focused on the core and edge, EMC is also offering EMC CloudPools, a new software application for the Isilon product line that will allow Isilon to easily extend to public, private and hybrid clouds. Much of all data within the enterprise is “cold data” — data rarely in use — that needs to be retained for regulatory and compliance purposes. CloudPools will allow Isilon to tier data natively to public clouds such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Virtustream without requiring a cloud gateway. CloudPools also enables data center expansion to EMC Elastic Cloud StorageTM (ECS) and Isilon as a private cloud. Isilon extends its core namespace to the cloud to ensure access to data, regardless of location. When the data is tiered to the cloud, it is encrypted in transit and compressed to ensure security of enterprise data at rest in the cloud. This allows organizations to extend their Data Lakes to tap into cloud-scale capacity while ensuring consistent and simplified access to and management of the data.    

Availability and Pricing

EMC IsilonSD Edge, the next generation of EMC Isilon OneFS and EMC Isilon CloudPools will be generally available in early 2016. Pricing information will be made available upon general availability.

EMC Partner Quotes

Guru Pangal, GM Hybrid Storage and Data Protection, Microsoft

“We know that unstructured data is growing rapidly and enterprises are challenged to store and manage it on-premises. With EMC Isilon, enterprise customers can use EMC CloudPools to seamlessly tier their frozen data to Microsoft Azure without any disruption to users and applications. By leveraging the durability, scalability, high availability and trustworthiness of Microsoft Azure storage, EMC Isilon customers can lower the overall cost of their storage.”

Rodney Rogers, Chief Executive Officer, Virtustream  “Customers deploying the new EMC Isilon CloudPools capability will now be able to seamlessly extend to the public cloud. We believe that the combination of Virtustream and EMC Isilon’s CloudPools ensure that enterprise customers can achieve their hybrid cloud goals.  We are excited to extend our class leading service offerings to EMC’s Isilon customers as part of an overall Data Lake 2.0 strategy, and see opportunities for dramatic growth as customers shift focus to cloud services.”

EMC Executive Quote:

Amit Mehta, Country Manager, Isilon Storage Division at EMC India & SAARC

“Enterprises are managing more data and in more locations than ever before. The rapid growth of unstructured data in the data center core and at the enterprise edge is challenging organizations to both manage data growth and find new ways to tap highly distributed data stores for business intelligence and value. EMC IsilonSD Edge would enable the enterprises to extend the edge of the data lake and achieve some benefits of increased productivity for knowledge workers at the edge with a simple solution that offers end to end consistency, the storage needed for local access in a product that is easy to both license and deploy. The trio of new EMC Isilon solutions aims to evolve the current Big Data strategies into a cost effective, seamless and more efficient tool to achieve business objectives.”

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