Cloud Computing Now Made Simpler With 5-3-2 Principle

Bangalore: Clouding computing is an ubiquitous term nowadays. Many cloud computing products have made their inroads into both enterprise and personal sphere- Microsoft’s Office 2013 and Office 365 are built around this concept.

“Cloud computing helps you store data in cloud which can be accessed across many devices,” could be the easiest way to say about cloud computing, but if you want to discuss about it, then it will grow into a complex structure. It is made up of so many components like infrastructure, architecture, deployment, applications, development, automation, operations, management, optimization and a dozen other topics that are equally beneficial and all would be a valid topic only when referring to cloud computing.

Though an extremely large topic, cloud computing is being used in very specific ways. Yung Chou, a Technology Evangelist of the Microsoft US Developer and Platform Evangelism Team, devised an easy to remember principle that can be used as a proper base when discussing cloud computing. It is called the “5-3- 2 Principle” and refers to the five essential characteristics of cloud computing, the three cloud service delivery methods, and the two deployment models which when put together properly describes what cloud computing is, as compiled by CloudTweaks.

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