BuySmart Completes A Decade Of Building Their Digital Distribution & Payment Super Highway

BANGALORE: Starting their operations in 2005, the Indo-Israeli Company began with Tata Sky, Videocon D2H & Sun DTH as their earliest clients and taking their service offering across India through an electronic distribution system. Over the next few years, the company strengthened its digital distribution on a Pan India presence and also built a payment super highway with a scalable and robust technology that supports their B2B2C business model.

EPRS BuySmart has, since then, expanded into offering a basket of products through their strong network of more 2.5Lac retail outlets in more than 35,000 towns in India. As their technology works in the absence of strong internet infrastructure also, the company has been able to reach Tier III/IV towns and villages in India, and currently, the company counts more than 300,000+ transactions/ day on their platform. With the earlier focus on Telecom & DTH, the company has now expanded into financial, logistics, utility payment and ecommerce segments of business with association with Tata Sky, Airtel, Airtel, ICICI Bank, RBL, Dish TV, and Reliance BIG TV to name a few.

Speaking on the occasion of the company’s 10th anniversary, Himanshoo Patil, Chief Executive Officer, EPRS-BuySmart said, “EPRS-BuySmart was established with a view of revolutionizing the digital distribution & payment industry and help service providers reach out to all corners of the country and enable SMEs/entrepreneurs to offers consumer services at their retail points. I am glad that in these 10 years we have been able to come up as the catalyst of growth, prosperity and empowerment for the bottom of the pyramid population as well for the small business owners. It is encouraging to see that what EPRS-BuySmart is doing is in line with the current agenda of our nation’s leadership. We look forward to taking this forward in building a stronger brand over the next decade!”

The company’s proposition to enable product sales on demand, at 2.5 lac retail points across the nation is unique & unmatched, thus allowing the manufacturers and brands to save 20% on their cost in reaching out to end customers in a quick, economical & effective way.

Services based on cutting edge technology have helped create opportunities and employment for retailers at the bottom of the pyramid while exposing Indians at every corner of the country to mainstream services and products. EPRS BuySmart looks to further its vision by investing in their technology further to offer a larger bouquet of products in the future.

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