Apps That Are Secretly Used By Employees

BANGALORE: Many a time, apps that are used by techies are in question as to whether it was begot legally. This poses as a threat for techies when it comes to be scrutinized. Now there are hundreds of apps out there, plus with the rise of cloud technology, there is no limitation to the kinds of apps we can use and also the kinds of apps that will arise in the coming years.

The legitimating use of these apps and also the legal issues that are related to the apps poses a threat for the IT professionals. So to help these professionals to use these apps called ‘Shadow IT’, SkyHigh Networks helps IT departments discover these apps so to avoid any legal issues. So what are the apps used by these professionals? Well here is a list compiled by Business Insider.

ProofHQ: This is an online platform that gives an easy way of reviewing, correcting and approving the work of your agency. This is a proofing system that helps the company work safe with the progress and also gets feedbacks and keeps track of the work done. Brands like blackberry, GE, AT&T and Hilton Hotels, to name a few, use this proofing app.

This will with quicker, efficient and accurate reviews. It also allows you to share files, access files from anywhere in the world and also gives feedback. “I absolutely love ProofHQ. On a scale of one to ten, I would say a ten. In terms of ROI, it is self evident that our review and approval process has been greatly improved. Plus, it keeps an audit of activity specifically associated to each proof so you really minimise the room for error,” said Tabitha Mapes at AT&T.

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