This Indian Engineer Just Ditched Cisco For Its Biggest Rival

Now why is SDN ‘The Next Big Thing’ in networking industry?

Those who are still unaware of SDN technology, here is a little scoop. SDN technologies can dramatically change the way that networks are designed today, in an easier and better way. This means low cost, better quality and mind blowing networking infrastructure for enterprises.

Recently, companies have realized the importance of SDN technology, which also have made them go behind SDN startups with pockets filled with big bucks. Last year, VMware bought for $1.26 billion, followed by Juniper buying Contrail Systems for $176 million, two days after it came out of stealth. Later that year, F5 Networks bought LineRate Systems for an estimated $50-$100 million just 10 months after it released its product. All these prove the real importance of SDN in today’s technology world.

But Cisco still officially has not acquired an SDN startup, despite of super secret reports on funding Insieme, a SDN technology provider.

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