The Rise, The Fall, Then The Rise And Again The Fall of Phaneesh Murthy

Bangalore: The world heard the news, while zipping the morning coffee, with a sheer shock.  iGate’s famous or ‘infamous’ CEO Phaneesh Murthy has been fired by the board over sexual allegations. This is not the first time Murthy is being sacked over sexual misconduct with women at the workplace; now you might have understood why we mentioned the word ‘infamous’ at the first place. So with that said, it’s time we take a look at this Bangalore born techie-turned-business executive's topsy-turvy career; fully filled with up hills and steep downfalls.

The First Rise of Phaneesh Murthy:

It’s not every day you get an IIT-IIM alumni within your corporate board, and Phaneesh Murthy was one of those rare breeds. Brilliance and sheer perseverance is what assembles Murthy, only to be now disgraced twice by his unwanted deeds.

In 1985, Murthy graduated with a BTech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Madras, Later on; in 1987 he grabbed his MBA from IIM Ahmedabad.

In 1992, he joined Infosys Technologies. This was the true turning point of his career, as Infosys’s annual revenue stood at just $2 million.

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