Indian SMEs Are Totally Unarmed in Data Security; Reveals Symantec

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Bangalore: Indian SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) are totally unarmed in data and computer security measures, as reported by Symantec. With the number of SMEs in India growing gradually, it’s really a worrying insight for these enterprises.

According to Symantec, Indian enterprises are so keen on cost effectiveness that they usually opt for outsourcing their work. But what these ventures forget is that such effort requires constant workflow of data and other critical information’s- and this is the place where they feel uncomfortable. The report said that only 15 percent of the total enterprise businesses can contentedly declare that they have a very secure data flow and clearly follow the data policies.

Symantec’s State Information Survey said that over 90 percent of Indian SMEs fall for common and random data loss mistakes, with 34 percent reporting of client loss and over 30 percent of companies failing to obey the government policies. Along with that they have also reported that over 40 percent of companies face problem in legalization, while 35 percent of companies had blown themselves out because of data loss.

Even though Indian enterprises are pretty aware of today’s data security, the report said that these companies still struggle to put-up a good, solid and comprehensive barrier to protect their data. They also cited poor leadership qualities, lack of good networking infrastructure and pretty out-dated protocols to be the major cause of this outcome. Indian SMEs are so concentrated on improving their infrastructure, that Symantec reports, they usually forget the security platform.

The survey also stated that enterprises have to watch-out for simple security flaws like unprotected Wi-Fi and open networks. Symantec predicts a mind blowing 178 percent growth in data flow, compared to current data streaming of about more than 2.2 Zetta Bytes.


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