India Questions U.S. Dominance Over Critical Internet Resources

Sandhu said as an open, pluralistic and democratic society, India recognises and values the bottom-up nature of the internet and seeks to involve all stakeholders in its global governance.

"India is committed to protecting, preserving and safeguarding freedom of expression and Internet freedom and to strengthening them. Towards this end, India considers that the current system needs to be revitalised to make the global internet governance regime truly 'multilateral, transparent and democratic'," he said.

The Deputy NSA said India would work with those who wish to build and strengthen the global internet governance regime into a multilateral, transparent and democratic mechanism.

He said the equal opportunity and assured access requires equitable distribution of resources and representative management of the internet not only in the national sphere but also at the global level.

Sandhu, a former chief of Intelligence Bureau, said there was an urgent need for formulating globally co-ordinated, inclusive and coherent Internet policies.

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Source: PTI