IBM Helps Godrej Meet Real-time Customer Demand

Bangalore: Godrej Consumer Products transforms into a globally integrated enterprise harnessing Big Data insights to drive efficiency and consistency across the organization

IBM announced that it has helped Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL) to deploy IT solutions in supply chain to drive efficiency, gain better visibility, and improve controls and performance across geographies. As a result, GCPL is able to make right decisions on stock placement thus providing its customers with greater product variety at a lower cost, allowing the company to maintain an edge over market competition.

In recent years, GCPL has expanded its operations into Asia, Africa, Middle-East and Latin America through acquisitions. This rapid expansion led to disparate and inconsistent technology and processes in many areas requiring a holistic approach of IT enablement in supply chain management.

IBM worked with GCPL to look at the supply chain techniques from company's inventory and logistics perspective across multiple locations and brand. Based on these big data insights, IBM supported GCPL in deploying optimized and stable planning solution that replaced all legacy standalone applications. GCPL is now able to improve on-time and in-full delivery performance (OTIF) to its customers at lower working capital, thereby, improving the bottom line.

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Source: Business Wire India