IBM Buckles Up to Tackle Amazon & Salesforce; Plans Selling Cloud to SMBs

Bangalore: The hardware maestro IBM is all set to enter a market ruled by Amazon and with its plans to sell its cloud service to SMBs.

In a recent report published by Wall Street Journal, International Business Machines or IBM has announced its plans to revise its strategy and exceed efforts in capturing the market share as a cloud service provider.

The announcement will create ripples in the IT industry as IBM has a global span that covers up the length and breadth across all continents and can outdo other cloud providers by following an aggressive market strategy.

In the report, Andy Monshaw, IBM’s GM for SMBs told Wall Street Journal that they are looking forward to provide their cloud services at cheaper costs that will help them penetrate the market and reach the customers in a better way.

The medium sized businesses, comprising of less than a thousand employees are viewed as prospective customers by IT giants as they provide immense opportunities.

SMBs have fast realized the importance of cloud and hence are moving towards it without having second thoughts. IBM has made a smart move by targeting SMBs as a cloud provider and is expected to reap immense benefits