CA Technologies Launches Free IT Resources Monitoring Tool

New Delhi: IT management firm CA Technologies launched a free version of 'CA Nimsoft Monitor', which helps companies monitor their IT resources and servers, for small businesses in the country.

The new version, CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap, supports monitoring for up to 30 devices. The premium version CA Nimsoft Monitor allows users to monitor any number of devices.

The Nasdaq-listed company said the new solution is a fully-integrated single solution for monitoring of network resources, physical and virtual servers, and databases.

"Under-resourced customers faced an unacceptable choice between non-integrated 'point' monitoring tools, technically challenging open-source code ... that cost too much and took too long to implement," John Smith, general manager, Infrastructure Management, CA Technologies said.

"With CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap, these customers finally have a solution that genuinely meets their specific needs," he added.

The Snap solution can be set up and run in as little as an hour, the company said.

The new solution addresses the needs of emerging enterprises which lack the resources of their large corporate counterparts, it said.

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Source: PTI