Another Blow to HP and its Cloud Computing Strategy

Bangalore: Hewlett-Packard’s attempt to get its cloud computing plans out of the shore just took another hit this week. Zorawar “Biri” Singh, who headed HP’s Converged Cloud and Cloud Services effort, has departed, reports GigaOM. Roger Levy, group VP for technology and customer relations is expected to replace on an interim basis.

The news just bombed HP’s cloud strategy and its future plans to make some noise in global cloud market. Yet the company feels Singh’s departure is not all that surprising. Singh was recruited from IBM, two years ago by HP’s then-CEO Leo Apotheker. Later on Apotheker himself had to face the blades of the axe, as he was fired a year into his service, only to be replaced by current CEO Meg Whitman.

There were speculations of Singh’s departure written throughout in the past couple of months. Last September, CRN reported that Hp had formed a Cloud Converged Business Unit, mainly inder the leadership of SVP Saar Gillai, who reported to Singh. But last week, according to AllThingsD, the group was formed, with an interesting detail that Gillai reported to HP COO Bill Veghte. There was no mention of Singh’s name.

Subsequent to Singh’s departure, one of HP’s spokeswoman emailed a statement, “HP remains committed to our Converged Cloud portfolio. In particular, HP Cloud Services is critical to HP’s efforts to deliver superior public cloud infrastructure, services and solutions to our customers. Roger Levy, vice president, Technology and Customer Operations of HP Cloud Services, will serve as the interim leader for HP Cloud Services. The company thanks Zorawar ‘Biri’ Singh for his passion and commitment to drive our public cloud vision and wish him well.”

One issue after another, HP, the once unrivaled supremo in printer manufacturing, is going through its rough days, not to forget its high profile acquisition of Autonomy for more than $11 billion and its EDS.

With sinking PC and server sales, it’s pretty easy to write off HP and its businesses, but beware; this company still has number of business units that are yet to be tested in the cloud business. If all the pieces fall into the right place, we might get a chance to see a new-born HP and if not…well that’s a million dollar question!