8 Best Alternative Operating Systems You Can Install

BANGALORE: The only operating systems we know or hear about are Microsoft, Apple and Linux. But the first two are most prevalent in computers and preferences of users. Now all operating systems weren’t a piece of cake when it was programmed, it took a lot of time and combinations of various programs to get to the final state.

Have you ever had the thought that someone somewhere might be sitting in their room and inventing an operating system that is totally next- generation kind that could replace Microsoft or Apple? Well honestly there are other operating systems out there that are in the dark. Not many people would have heard of them or even known that they exist, so here are some of those anonymous operating systems that could very well be the next big thing in decades to come.

Haiku: This system runs on recreating an existing operating system, BeOS, but as open source. There are no changes in direction or random new features and unnecessary decisions on trivia designs. The developers of Haiku are very passionate and have paid great deal of attention to presentation and documentation that are usually ignored by other developers. 

This could very well be the next big thing due to its simplicity and lack of historical baggage. BeOS was unable to break the market with this operating system that was in favor of Microsoft and also sued Microsoft for not allowing PC makers to sell with BeOS operating systems.

ReactOS: This operating system comes to the rescue of the failings of WINE. WINE is a compatibility layer that lets certain window programs run on Linux. But this OS would mix up Windows and UNIX approaches to the OS, and also couldn’t use Window drivers. Hence ReactOS fixes all the problems of WINE and instead of running as a layer of another OS, it is an independent project. It is bootable from an install or live CD.

It does use WINE DLLs but has its own Bootloaders as well, thus making it compatible to use Window drivers. This OS is in hopes of replacing Windows, and may very well be the next big OS that people use. This also can be installed for free, unlike Windows that costs a lot of money for just an installation. This will help manufacturers of PC save money.

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