7 Epic Facts About Enterprise Failures

Bangalore: Every year the enterprise arena witnesses’ large number of initiatives, some by time posing themselves to be the most successful firm and some thumped by strong brick walls, eventually ending up in demise. A really well-taught, close study can reveal some more interesting details which eventually lead to a epic enterprise-downfall.

Whether if you are implementing SOA, Enterprise Architecture, forming a PMO, introducing a new programming language, or merging with another company, there will be a consistent pattern of failure that can be summed up in the following 10 categories:

#1 Communication failure:

When it comes to enterprise projects, usually it impacts a large amount of people. These hardcore projects often require strong communication skills that reach out at various levels and stages within the organization. Strategies such as hall meetings, blogs, group meetings, emails and posters are the best means for improving communication across the organization.

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