5 Linux Distributions With Fastest Boot Speeds

#4 Linpus Lite Desktop Edition:

Average boot time: 21 seconds

With an alternative desktop OS featuring the GNOME desktop, Linpus Lite Desktop Edition comes in at number 4 with an average boot time of 21 seconds.  Yet with fast boot times, this OS disappoints on number of features. The operating system is considered to be a non-friendly OS, with some out dated applications and overall, with an obsolete experience.

#3 Arch Linux:

Average boot time: 18 seconds

One of the lightest Linux distros of all- Arch Linux, due to its lightweight capability, is said to have a lightning fast boot time. The operating system is all about simplicity, cleanness and quick boot times. The only problem with OS is that the initial release tends to slow things down. But with a slight few sensible tweaks, things can get really interesting as this distribution will pace itself up by clicking some real fast times.

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