5 Best Portable Networking Tools

Bangalore: Portability certainly can make ones job easier. And when it comes to network tools, it’s a must. These tools can range from simple monitoring tools to full-fledged portable servers.  Today the enterprise world has an array of network monitoring tools, regardless of their usage, ranging from tools that don’t need any installation to tools that can fit on a USB flash drive.

So how does a monitoring tool work? These tools monitor associated systems for slow and failing components and notify the network administrators via emails, SMS or any other alarms. Today, IT administrators have realized the need for a network monitoring tool within their enterprise. Yet for an enterprise with these powerful tools, a simple mishap will cost millions. The virtual world has turned itself into a fast paced podium, where ‘survival of the fittest’ now is the best citation.

Presently, the enterprise arena has got quite a few number of portable apps, that are said to be handy and most importantly- portable. So take a look at these 5 handy and portable network monitoring tools, recommended for every enterprise.

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