10 Must-Watch Security Companies for 2013


Headquarters: San Francisco

Founded: 2012

Leadership: Caleb Sima, CEO, along with co-founder & COO Adam Ely are the prime leaders

How they made onto the list:

Still in the stealth mode, according to reports, Bluebox is a company that helps in securing corporate data within devices which employees bring to work. The company secures data irrelevant to the type of the device being used.

The company is founded by Caleb Sima, CEO, along with co-founder & COO Adam Ely. Sima was CTO for HP's Application Security center, while Ely was the chief information security officer at the Heroku business unit at Saleforce.com.

Interesting fact: The name ‘Bluebox’ goes way back to early 1960’s where hackers used this term to describe certain devices they used to route calls over long distance networks.



Headquarters: San Jose, California

Founded: 2010

Leadership: Pravin Kothari, chair, CEO, and founder

How they made onto the list:

The company is associated with securing data within the cloud environment through deep encryptional methods and tokenization gateway technology. The company also has bagged two large banks as their customers. If enterprises find more confidence in investing their data within the cloud controlled database, then CipherCloud is surely a company to watch for this year.

Interesting fact: Kothari also started ArcSight, later sold to HP for more than $1 billion.


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