10 Must-Watch Futuristic IT Trends

Bangalore: The recent development with new and revolutionary technologies has led the world of enterprise IT to undergo resurgence. The faster cell phone technology, cloud computing, social media-networking technology, big data, BYOD, and SaaS are few technologies bringing this change. These evolutions are largely happening despite the controls that the IT normally places on the use of technologies.

Analyst David Cappuccio stated that “IT was forced to support tablets, and end users forced them to support IM and wireless networks a few years ago.”

“And more such technologies are on the horizon," he added.

The following list is taken from Cappuccio’s report, enclosed with 10 futuristic ‘game-changing forces’ in IT.

#1 Disruption:

Organizations need to increase the development of IT service skills and attributes with appropriate investments in every sector. Business-user satisfaction can be a moving target, but enabling higher levels of productivity at the IT service desk level demonstrates that the IT organization cares about the business, and that it's committed to ensuring that users meet their goals and objectives.

These users expect the same level of IT performance and support as they experience with consumer-based applications and services.

Although most the focus still revolves around traditional training, procedures, security access, knowledge management and scripts, it’s pretty clear that the next gen skills will pave the payment for the expectations of the business more efficiently.

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