10 Most Expensive Softwares in the World

Bangalore: Software is a collection of computer programs and related data used to operate computers and other tech devices. Everyone loves to install new sofwares and experiment with them to make their tasks easier. Every other day companies come up with new softwares which not only have great features, but also can run quickly of PC’s programs. While some of these are free of cost, some could cost you a fortune. Take a look at some of the most expensive softwares in world by top10list.com

#10 AutoCAD

Product: Autodesk Plant Design Suite Premium

Price tag: $9500

AutoCAD is an application which is used for computer aided design (CAD). This application supports 2D and 3D format and is widely used to design buildings and other structures for a 3-dimensional image. Autodesk Plant Design Suite Premium is a product of Autodesk company which is optimized software for modern 3D plant modeling, including piping design, structural design, and whole-project review.