10 Killer Open Source Networking Tools

#8 IPplan

For a network admin it’s important to keep track of IP addresses like which are in use, and which are available to be allocated to the systems admins who want yet another IP address for their servers. Instead of Excel spreadsheet you can get the benefits of using a real database with IPplan.

IPplan is not a generic spreadsheet or database application. It is tailored to tracking IP addresses, so it understands and enforces CIDR blocks. Each address record has support for contact info, hardware, DNS name, location, description, MAC address, NAT address tracking, and a generic "additional information" field. You can also upload a file to attach to the IP address record.

IP address records are organized into subnets (CIDR blocks), which are assigned to customers or autonomous systems. Subnets are further organized into network areas or ranges (supernets) within the customer hierarchy. Because IPplan is designed for use by ISPs, it works well for organizing enterprise addresses for companies with multiple locations and complex networks.

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