10 Companies Posing Great Threat To Cisco


This company is nothing sheer of surprise. Even Cisco was really impressed at Arista’s performance. Even though just a couple of years old, Arista has already given Cisco a run for their money and is ready to give more. Already the company has stated that their prime focus is on data center networking and not ADCs or Metro Ethernet.


Polycom is a company that rose from a death trap. And the one who helped Polycom was none other than Cisco, who actually wanted things to turn out the other way round. Years before, Cisco acquired Tandberg with intentions to kill off the niche video vendor. But the idea completely tanked, as it lead to the rise of both the companies. Initially, Polycom wasn’t able to do much from the opportunity. But in 2010, Polycom flushed out its management team and CEO Andy Miller re-structured the whole company from the root. Later on, with some very-smart people, good execution, along with some slow product cycles on Cisco’s part, Polycom eventually rose to prominence.

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