10 BYOD Concerns for CIOs

#1 Long range vendor plans:

The current trend in the consumer market is in such a way that devices and products are primarily manufactured to satisfy the needs of customers and not the enterprises. This has created a huge drift between technological planning and integration needs. It is best for enterprises to start supporting end user-devices so that companies can easily make note of the current trends, which eventually will result in products that works well within enterprises.

#2 Lost Devices:

Definitely a major concern, misplaced devices can really cause frenzy around organizations. Last year, over thirty billion dollars worth of mobile phones were lost in the U.S. alone, which clearly indicates the depth of the concern. CIOs who concentrates much on environmental security, must also give importance to security procedures within mobile devices that holds vital data. Precautions such as device lockdown and passwords are inevitable.

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