Zomato's New 30,000 sq ft Hyperpure Warehouse Opens at Bengaluru

Zomato's New 30,000 sq ft Hyperpure Warehouse Opens at Bengaluru

Zomato, a platform which gives restaurant reviews, restaurant discovery, food delivery and dining out transactions, launched a 30,000 sq ft Hyperpure warehouse in Bengaluru. The newly open warehouse will help Zomato to offer a wide range of fresh and high-quality food products to over 2,500 restaurants daily.

Deepinder Goyal, Founder & CEO, Zomato, says, “A single thread unites the entire chain of Zomato lines of businesses -- better food for more people. Everything we do to bring together restaurants, consumers, food suppliers and logistics partners, working towards ensuring more people have access to fresh and clean food. With Hyperpure, we are driving transparency and accountability across the food supply value chain since August 2018”.

The move from a 6,000 sq ft warehouse to a 30,000 sq ft space built to supply 4,000 metric ton capacity per month, will help them serve over 2,500 restaurants every day. It also uses an end-to-end technology-driven platform, custom-built for this leg of the food value chain. With this technology-driven platform, restaurants can buy everything from vegetables & fruits, poultry (including antibiotic residue-free chicken), groceries, meats, seafood, and dairy; to beverages, and even eco-friendly packaging.

“We have grown rapidly - from supplying 350 restaurants in Bengaluru in November 2018 to supplying nearly 1,000 merchants, today. To address the growing demand, we have moved to a 30,000 sq ft warehouse in Bengaluru and will soon launch an even larger warehouse in Delhi. We will open Hyperpure warehouses in nine more cities across India by the end of this year, and eventually, across our international markets”, comments, Dhruv Sawhney, Founder, Hyperpure.

Hyperpure is an initiative by Zomato to provide fresh, high quality ingredients and supplies to restaurants. Every single item sold on HyperPure is based on strict industry guidelines, ensures that customers get the best products at competitive prices, and that customers benefit from these. It is a great place for big brands to launch new products and serves as a one-stop solution to discover what variety of products exist in the market.

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