What are the Most Trending Employee Training Programs?

What are the Most Trending Employee Training Programs?

The market for corporate training in India is projected to exceed ₹6,600 crores by FY’2025, according to the figures released by Ken Research. This is because schools do not help students develop corporate skills.

Top corporate training institutes like iFuture Technologies offer a variety of employee training program and development. These range from IT Training to Behavioural, Communication and Manager Training and Development for Employees.

Candidates often struggle to meet all the requirements of the recruiter. However, proper training and skill-building can help make them competent. So, here are the top trending employee training programs.

Corporate Training for Employees

It includes in-depth courses in Microsoft, Red Hat, Cisco and more. Some of the courses also educate about the Cloud, Big Data and the Internet of Things (IOT). Based on the application that you want to learn extensively, you can choose a suitable area. Strengthening your corporate skills can help you win prospective clients in the IT sector. As a result, you can attract highly paid jobs. The annual salary of an IT professional varies from ₹10,00,000 to ₹1,00,00,000 based on the company and the individual's professional skills, says India Today.

Manager Training and Development

A good manager is essential to the proper functioning of teams in a workplace. Manager training and development programs can prepare a candidate to get not only a management position but also higher roles.

One Can Learn the Following fromthe Training Program:

  • Better communication skills
  • A deeper understanding of management roles
  • Better evaluation and feedback processes
  • Stronger decision-making skills
  • Morale boost
  • Readiness for a new role

Communication Skills Training for Employees

Communication skills are as important as technical skills to be a successful professional. Therefore, communication training for employees to build soft skills is crucial. The relevant courses include personality development program, leadership skills training, business communication training and more.

Communication training can help in effective team-building, improve working relationships and boost team engagement and productivity.

BehaviouralTrainingfor Employees

Behavioural skills include effective communication, critical thinking, agility, ownership and problem-solving ability, according to India Skills Report 2022- Wheebox.

Behaviouraltraining for employees has become important in all kinds of industries and businesses. The top skills include effective communication, time management, conflict resolution and empathy in the workplace. Behaviouraltraining has been found to improve productivity, motivation, stress management, working relationships, teamwork, job satisfaction and more.

The Major Things Learnt Under This Kind Of Training Include:

  • Learning how to make a great first impression on the employer
  • Clear and confident communication
  • A better understanding of leadership styles
  • Learning how to use non-verbal communication styles
  • A better understanding of the use of body language
  • Learning how to adhere to the etiquette of a workplace

Whether you need to build technical or soft skills, it is a good idea to opt for training and development programs for employees at a reputed institute. This can maximise your chance to get a promising job.