Top 10 Must-Read Books by Tech CEOs

Behind The Cloud

Marc Benioff is the founder and CEO of, the legendary enterprise software company. In Behind The Cloud, He writes about how he adapted the practices of the then mostly academic programming technology to create a business that catered to the demands of corporate companies. A review of the book said that “This is a practical guide on how to grow a successful business without selling your soul to Mephistopheles."

Only The Paranoid Survive

Andy Grove, the former CEO of Intel describes his management strategy during the nineties, when the iconic microprocessor company was floundering as a result of changes in the market. A review of the book reads: "The book is chock full of common sense, backed up with case studies from the world of successful -- and not so successful -- American businesses."

The Hard Thing About Hard Things

Ben Horowitz, the cofounder of the Venture Capital firm Andreessen Horowitz  and former CEO of Opsware writes about the difficult, everyday decisions that business leaders need to make when they’re in uncharted territory. The Silicon Valley revolution was fast and had never been done before, and Horowitz’s book showcases the out of the box thinking needed to deal with the issues. A Silicon Valley executive said "As someone who spent 20+ years in Silicon Valley, including both the dotcom boom and bust eras, I felt Ben's pain when I read this book."

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