TeamViewer digitalizeswarehouse operations at GlobalFoundrieswith an AR-based picking solution

TeamViewer digitalizeswarehouse operations at GlobalFoundrieswith an AR-based picking solution

TeamViewer, a leading global provider of remote connectivity and workplace digitalization solutions,recently announced that the global semiconductor manufacturer GlobalFoundries (GF) has deployed TeamViewer’s Augmented Reality (AR) platformFrontline to digitally transform its warehouse operations at its facility in Dresden, the largest semiconductor plant in Europe.Among the major benefits that GF achieved through the implementation of TeamViewer’s solution is an up to 25percent faster execution of warehouse processes, better employee ergonomics, a picking error rate close to zero, and a reduction in waste of around 100,000 paper sheets per year.

Kevin Hidalgo, Senior Director of Logistics at GF: “At GF, we always strive to improve our operational efficiencies to better fulfill our customers’ needs. When looking for a solution to digitally transform and improve our warehouse operations, we found that an Augmented Reality based solution could really make a difference for us. Now, with the roll-out of TeamViewer Frontline, we were able to take efficiency,accuracyand sustainability of warehouse logistics to a whole new level.”

Jan Junker, Executive Vice President Solution Sales & Delivery: “Around 80 percent of the global workforce is not working at a desk, but in manufacturing, production, logistics or field service. With our AR solutions, enterprises have the first-timeopportunity to also digitalize the tasks and processes from these areas and seamlessly connect the workers to the company’sexisting digital infrastructure.The benefits that GlobalFoundries achieved in such short time speak for themselves.”

At the GF warehouse, the softwareguides the warehouse workers through the picking process withclear step-by-step instructions,displayed on the smart glasses directly in their field of view. Together with the integrated voice control, itprovides 100 percent hands-free information to the workers, completely replacing the former paper-basedprocess.

The end-to-end implementation of TeamViewer Frontline in the warehouse of GF’s Dresden facility was completed in only ten weeks.TeamViewer is working closely with GF toidentify other opportunities to use the solution and is exploring use cases beyond vision picking. 

Source: Press Release