Rubrik Unveils Cloud Data R&D Centre in Bengaluru to Bolster Business Globally


Multi-Cloud data control firm Rubrik on Wednesday announced the opening of an R&D centre in Bengaluru that will help global businesses harness the value of data with local, high-caliber engineering talent.

"With the new R&D center, Rubrik is proving it's unique dual development centre strategy and strengthening strategic business and trade ties between the US and India," said John Chambers, Rubrik's Board advisor.

"As Rubrik expands to remedy data management pain points for global enterprises, we expect Rubrik Bengaluru to continue attract the very best technical talent," he added.

The Palo Alto, California-based Rubrik has also invested in resources in Bengaluru to address the Global System Integrator (GSI) ecosystem.

"Investing and growing our capabilities and our business in the Indian market is a strategic step to ensuring we can develop the best solutions possible for our customers," said Bipul Sinha, co-founder and CEO of Rubrik.

"Rubrik's new R&D centre will allow us to reach top global engineering and product talent as we strive to support and address customers' most pressing data management challenges," he added.

Rubrik has over 250 employees in India, across engineering, sales, IT services, customer support HR and finance verticals.

"The India team has helped solve some of the largest and most cutting-edge engineering problems across all sides of the business and are critical to the company's success," said Ashish Gupta, Rubrik VP Engineering and Head of India R&D.

Source: IANS