Ratan Tata: Key Strategist for Airasia's India Operations

Ratan Tata: Key Strategist for Airasia's India Operations

Bangalore: Ratan Tata, business magnet in the world is now playing an active role in Airasia’s Indian operations.

First, Tony Fernandes wanted Ratan Tata himself to take up the responsibility as the chairman of Airasia, but since Ratan Tata rejected the offer, he has recommended someone else for the role.

Fernandes, says that Ratan Tata is a one of the most successful businessmen and his skills and Knowledge will surely help their company head towards the success very soon.

Infact, Ratan Tata will be playing a key role in giving his inputs on routes, marketing and distribution in favour of Airasia as well as making other business strategies.

Though Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) has permitted Airasia to launch their domestic airlines in India in alliance with Tata, the company is still waiting for approval from NoC to start their operations.

While Airasia is getting positive signs from the Indian government, they are expecting for an approval by the end of September, 2013.

Besides talking about the flight, at first there will be only two to three flights and would increase the number gradually. Rest about the fares, the company has planned to come out with a price that every Indian can afford.

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