Oneiro Secures $5 Million In Second Round, COSIMO Ventures Leads

Oneiro Secures $5 Million In Second Round, COSIMO Ventures Leads

The blockchain company behind the development of ndau, Oneiro also appoints Dhesi Ananchaperumal as new CEO of the company.

FREMONT, CA: A provider of high-performance blockchain solutions Onerio has secured an investment of 5 million USD from COSIMO Ventures. It is the subsequent investment round by COSIMO to Oneiro, after a seed round of three million USD in February 2018, carrying the complete funding venture to date to 8 million USD. Oneiro has designated Dhesi Ananchaperumal as CEO, in order to help lead the next phase of growth for Oneiro.

Dhesi Ananchaperumal has immense experience in blockchain new businesses, just as with established items and organizations. Preceding joining Oneiro, Ananchaperumal co-founded and served as CEO of Verité, a personality and access management provider utilizing blockchain innovation. At Tangoe, Dell EMC and CA Technologies, Dhesi integrated software technology acquired by startups, led multi-billion dollar product lines, and built new data center management products that have grown to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

COSIMO Ventures and Oneiro collaborated in 2016 to launch a buoyant digital currency and decentralized ecosystem called ndau.

ndau represents another class of advanced virtual currency forms that work in parallel with stablecoins and conventional stores of significant worth, for example, fiat money, commodities, or treasuries. ndau addresses the pain points related to different stable coins, including inflation risk, and mitigates volatility associated with the crypto market. ndau is the only buoyant virtual currency optimized for long term store of value. It works on a live Mainnet based individually elite blockchain utilizing COSMOS/Tendermint for consensus, is planned with a different monetary policy fundamental to empower long-term holding and discourage active speculative trading.

CEO of Oneiro, Dhesi Ananchaperumal, mentioned that he is thrilled to be joining the Oneiro team, to speed up the growth of services offered by Oniero, especially during this exciting investment period. He also added that his experience and expertise would allow him to drive innovation and partnerships and adjacent identity areas of opportunity that leverage established core competency of blockchain development.

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