On-Demand Custom Metal Stamping Services to Meet Lower Cost Markets

A metal forming process that necessitates Custom metal stamping dies and techniques in order to produce parts specified by the customer would explain custom metal stamping. A wide range of industries such as automotive, electrical and others use custom metal stamping processes to ensure that the parts produced meet precise specifications as well as high-volume production needs.

On-Demand Custom Metal Stamping Services to Meet Lower Cost  Markets

If a client is looking for a high-quality product, at a lower price with shorter lead times, the design engineers can work on custom metal Stamping Dies. These are custom-made tools used with a stamping press to form or cut sheet metal into the desired shape. Actually, every custom metal stamping die is made specifically for the project at hand.

How can one have Custom Metal Stamping Services for Lower Cost Markets?

There are several factors need to be considered to lower the market cost. When providing any service to the lower cost markets, one of the most important things is to make sure that reputation, quality, returns are not compromised. In order to accomplish here are a few important points to remember:


Globally, miniaturization has become a trend. This is limiting material performance because both larger and smaller parts have to perform yet, do so at lower costs. To be competitive under these constraints material usage must be maximized. When faced with a high-performance application, most engineers might opt for super alloys or exotic metals. On the other hand, using materials with more than the needed strength, corrosion, or heat resistance can be extremely costly for the custom metal stamping process. High strength and super alloys are more costly for several reasons. For one thing, it is not a very popular choice for manufacturing. Another factor is the machinability. Harder metals are more difficult to machine. This would mean higher tooling costs and longer cycle times. It is always beneficial to understand what is required from the material. And then use that understanding to choose material that provides the characteristics within a realistic performance coverage.You can also save money if you watch the metals market closely and obtain your material as soon as the price drops instead of buying it as needed.

Custom metal stamping die and its maintenance

Custom metal stamping die and its maintenance

One way to reduce the costs of custom metal stamping is to look at the tooling used to produce your part. Try to understand what kind of custom metal stamping die is best to meet your needs. If you're running short, low-volume runs, your manufacturer could use soft tooling. For high-volume runs, hard tooling is appropriate. Too frequent or too little maintenance can increase your custom metal stamping costs. Ensure your manufacturer knows how to repair and maintain the tooling. You could also find out if you can change the tooling or change the design to decrease the maintenance requirements. Since the cost of manpower is one of the major factors in the eventual manufacturing cost, try to see if there is any process that can be automated.

Request Design assistance for your custom metal stamping die

In the long run, optimization of your design can save you a great amount of money. Design engineers have the skill to recognize which design factors make the manufacturing process most cost-effective and efficient. So it is important that the design team be creative, dynamic and experienced in this industry at the same time. The software and supporting technology used should be top notch.

Speak to Your Manufacturer

Clients may not be open to suggestions from their manufacturers. But there is wisdom in discussing your concerns with your manufacturer because these are experienced in this field and may recommend your strategies that will come in handy. You may be astonished by how many ideas they might be willing to offer. In this regards, the manufacturers that have years of experience and a pool of thought leaders in metal stamping industry will prove to be helpful.

Production volume is directly proportional to the cost

Setup time and re-calibrating the machine are a few major factors in manufacturing cost. If you place a high volume order that your manufacturer can set up once and let it run for a large part of the day, you will decrease your overall costs greatly. The more parts you can manufacture the less it will cost you per piece. The shorter the run, the more expensive it will be to produce custom metal stamping.

When placing orders, it is important to give accurate and reasonable forecasts and lead times. A rushed order may result in increased costs. Because rushed orders push the manufacturer to buy materials with little to no lead times. To reduce custom metal stamping costs avoid rush orders.

Progressive die stamping

When it comes to custom metal stamping, tooling can be one manufacturing expenses.When multiple processes and increased tooling are involved, it can increase competitive pricing. Additionally, scrap and quality issues can be unattainable. Minimizing the steps in the process will aid in manufacturing efficiency. Progressive die stamping offers the opportunity for substantial cost savings. When downstream activities are combined with basic forming processes, progressive die stamping provides a low-cost option for custom metal stamping die. In other words, in a single operation, the component moves from blanking to a final station and thus ready to move onto the assembly.

Secondary services

Find out if your manufacturer offers other services such as additional fabrication, coating, treating, finishing, packaging, and shipping. Such a hire will save money on transportation and shipping costs. On the other hand, it will also prove to be a one-stop shop for all your custom metal stamping requirements. There are many reputed manufacturers that provide this service and some research will help you identify the right ones.

Custom metal stamping services such as these can ensure the lower market cost of a product. These suggestions also have a fringe benefit in that you do not have to communicate with many vendors for different services. So it not only cuts costs but also saves time and eases your workload.