Johnson & Johnson Unveils TECNIS Eyhance IOL for Post Cataract Care


An American medical devices company, Johnson & Johnson, launches TECNIS Eyhance intraocular lens (IOL), a monofocal IOL implant for patients who have undergone cataract-removal surgery. This IOL is mainly designed to extend the depth of focus from distance to intermediate vision. This lens would assist the patients in managing their day to day activities post cataract surgery.    

Cataract accounts for 62.6 percent of all preventable blindness in India. The cataract surgery is one of the most common, safest, and effective treatments. Earlier, the patients who have undergone the procedure had to wear thick-lensed spectacles post the surgery. But the modern and technologically advanced procedures use the artificial lens (IOL).    

The TECNIS Eyhance IOL is the first of its kind in the monofocal category. At present, most of the lenses available, would only correct the vision to help patients see things that are at a distance, but this lens improves the intermediate vision required to perform regular activities. This new IOL offers a breakthrough refractive design that would result in a continuous increase of power from the periphery to the center of the lens. The lens would also provide a high-quality vision to the patients at both intermediate and far distance, even in low illumination settings, in comparison with a standard aspheric monofocal IOL, along with 20/20 distance vision. In India, TECNIS Eyhance IOL has been approved by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO).

"This latest innovation from Johnson & Johnson Vision defies conventional thinking about monofocal IOLs by not only delivering high-quality distance vision but also enhancing vision and better low-light contrast. This will allow patients greater ease in performing important daily tasks which may include focusing on the car navigation system while driving, reading a sign in a store, reading TV subtitles, and walking on uneven surfaces," states Burzin Shahana, Country Manager at Johnson & Johnson Vision – India & South Asia.

 "The launch of TECNIS Eyhance monofocal IOL in India coincides with this month's celebration of World Sight Day and its theme of 'Vision First' – which resonates perfectly with Johnson & Johnson Vision's goal of changing the trajectory of eye health and raising the standards of eye care for patients in India and around the world," he adds.