How Indians' Efficiency Opens Opportunities Across the Globe?


It has been evident that there is a greater demand for Indian employees across the globe. Indian employees are emerging as the most preferred, globally. The main reason for this could be increased productivity and speed, and more. Besides, Indians attitude also plays an important role, as they are very positive and flexible towards work. No matter what, our priority is always work, reflecting the popular saying, "Work is worship." Indians usually tend to devote themselves more towards their work front.

Extending working hours could be a strict no-no for the employees, but Indian employees are ever-ready. At times, this could also be extended based on the company requirement. Indian are the most job-loving lot, and according to Adobe study about 98 percent have affirmed that they would continue their job even after winning a lottery, while 83 percent claimed that they are in love with their job and the access provided through the cutting edge technology, apart from the facilities provided by the office such as food, and perks.

Nearly, 350 million Indian employees are most proficient in English. This acts as a key catalyst for the global companies to select Indian over others. It is also noted that the Indians are more career-focused and also into constantly upgrading themselves with relevant certification programs to stay industry-ready. They are ready to switch to ideal jobs irrespective of the pay scale. Also Indian employees are open to relocating and can easily adapt to the changing work environment; the country's diverse background may the reason for their adaptive nature.

Apart from this, India's vast talent pool resource attracts the abroad employers towards India. Annually about 3.1 million students graduate from the Indian Universities from various streams such as software, Accounting, Medicine, law, and more. Presently, the country owns about 2300 engineering colleges which produce not less than 500,000 engineering graduates. In addition, around 300,000 postgraduates are also produced in the country every year.

With the above reasons, there are numerous Indians hired abroad. The UN department of economic and social affairs data reports that about 2.3 percent population of United Kingdom is Indians, similarly, it 7.4 percent in Malaysia, 14.7 percent in Nepal, 13.22 percent in Saudi Arabia, UAE has 27.1 percent, 2.8 percent in Australia, 3.7 percent in New Zealand, 3.55 percent in Canada, 1.0 percent in United States. These percentages mark the Indians hired and settled in the respective countries.

The growing market demand for Indian employees is not just great news for we Indians but also pride. We should continue with the present efforts and also focus more on improving the work potential to grab the worldwide opportunities, which are tailored for Indians.