How Google CEO Sundar Pichai is Leveraging Small Businesses

Millions of small businesses

A twenty-one year old organization Google obligates 10 million USD to support low-income and small entrepreneurs.

FREMONT, CA: Google was established twenty-one years ago as a small business. In the beginning, the employees of Google were few; they could fit inside a two-car garage. Earlier, it was a tough job for the company to find customers and earn their trust, to hire and retain good people, and to balance quality with growth. Today, multinational companies want to associate with this giant company. However, the company still holds its ideals of its humble beginnings.

Today, the new face of Google, Sundar Pichai the CEO, extends his desires, along with the company, for the American small businesses and big businesses to grow together. Google is ready to support small businesses to develop, and Pichai believes that big and small businesses need each other to grow. Google wants to help small businesses by leveraging the power of technology. The free tools of Google, like YouTube, Ads, Cloud, Search, and Maps, give small businesses the same benefits as more prominent firms when it comes to distribution and global reach.

Millions of small businesses are taking birth every day and are experiencing the obstacles in the growing process. In the world of the digital economy, larger companies can help the small ones to proliferate. The internet has created several new opportunities for small business owners to succeed, but on the other hand, it has also introduced a level of difficulty.

The CEO unveiled in an event in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that as a part of Grow with Google, the organization would invest one billion USD over the next five years in collaboration with nonprofits. This investment will help people develop the skills they need to find work or grow their business.

Google Small Business Ads product manager Kim Spalding expressed in a blog post that, Google is committed to help the small businesses because these businesses make a significant impact on the communities. These small businesses create jobs, treat customers like family, and often define what makes a town unique.

The platform Grow with Google will support a bunch of people who are willing to own a small business but do not even have a clue about the beginning process. In this way, Google will help needy communities to start new businesses. Google has also launched a web portal named for entrepreneurs to find business tools and services easily.

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