Goyal meets Micron's CEO to discuss India's semiconductor ecosystem

Goyal meets Micron's CEO to discuss India's semiconductor ecosystem
Union Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal met with Micron Technology CEO Sanjay Mehrotra to discuss opportunities for collaboration and expansion in India's growing semiconductor industry. Piyush Goyal stated on X, "Met Mr. Sanjay Mehrotra, CEO & President of MicronTech. Discussed how India's growing semiconductor ecosystem presents vast opportunities for the company to collaborate & expand its footprint in the country". Earlier this July, Mehrotra had met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Gujarat's Gandhinagar and they discussed the US chip giant's plans to bolster the semiconductor manufacturing ecosystem within India.
Micron Technology announced in June of this year that it intends to invest $825 million in setting up a new chip assembly and testing plant in Gujarat. Over the next decade, India is hoping to establish itself as a major global hub for semiconductor manufacturing. As part of his four-day trip to the US, Goyal also held a roundtable discussion with distinguished academicians at Stanford University. Goyal stated, "Held a roundtable discussion with prominent academicians at Stanford University. Highlighted the vast opportunities for collaboration with India's higher education institutions to foster a vibrant exchange of knowledge, research and pathbreaking solutions to key global issues".
He also met Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. He highlighted how India's young talent, business ecosystem and growing economy present opportunities for investments. Goyal tweeted, "Had an engaging interaction with Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs & Venture Capitalists. Highlighted how India's young talent, vibrant business ecosystem & growing economy present the perfect opportunity for investments". Meanwhile, US-India Business Council Board Chair and Nasdaq Executive Vice Chairman Edward Knight has said there have been energetic interactions and engagements between the Indian and US governments in promoting entrepreneurship in both countries.
"What I would underscore is the energetic interaction and engagement between the two governments and the two ministers on the issue of promoting entrepreneurship in India and here in the US and how we can do that better, how cooperation between the two governments and the two business communities can lead to more high growth companies, entrepreneurship and economic growth both here and in India," Edward Knight told ANI after the meeting with Piyush Goyal.
Asked what his take on the India-US relationship is in terms of business, Knight recalled his recent visit to India, where he learned about many US companies creating centers of excellence and other projects within India. "A few weeks ago with the US-India Business Council and the Ambassador, we saw during that trip (to India) that Google announcing an assembly facility and for that matter many companies creating centers of excellence and other projects within India".